The 2016 Nobel Prize-winning was again honored Japanese medicine in the field of Bio-medicine when Professor Yoshinori Oshumi was awarded the Nobel Biomedical Prize for his work on cell regeneration. He is the third Japanese Nobel Prize winner in bio-medical science in the last five years, and in 2012, Japanese scientist-Shinya Yamanaka was awarded a Nobel Prize for Research in Reprogramming Mechanism of Stem Cells. mature. The field of stem cell research is being developed and applied very strongly in Japan as well as in the world in recent years. So what makes stem cells so interested?

Firstly, let’s find out what stem cells are.

The world has come to know and study stem cells since the early years of the twentieth century. Since then, many stem cell research has been carried out in several countries with advanced technology such as Britain, America, Japan, etc. In the 21st century, stem cells are considered to be one of the greatest scientific achievements.

Stem cells are non-differentiated cells that can replicate and divide many times. Under certain conditions, stem cells can differentiate into specialized cells such as heart muscle stem cells, pancreatic stem cells, skin stem cells, blood stem cells, neural stem cells , …

Infants have a lot of stem cells, which will grow and change into somatic cells. As they become mature, the stem cells will decrease with age, and will not metabolize the somatic cells of the body. If stem cells are replenished (by appropriate stem cell or umbilical cord stem cell), it will prevent cell death.

The stem cells used in the treatment will circulate in the body, locate the injured tissue and automatically activate the replacement-repair mechanism. Stem cell therapy give the hope of reducing the risk of cancer, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, Parkinson’s, osteoarthritis, or aging diseases. In addition, stem cells also help strengthen the health and the immune system of patients with cancer in order to physically fit to participate in surgical process, radiotherapy, chemotherapy ..,  removing tumor  as well as recovery stage after cancer treatment.

In the field of aesthetics, stem cell technology makes the “anti-aging” of the skin and the body more possible than ever.